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We are in-between the Eclipses of March 8 and March 23, which often brings out the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ in us, as well as the world at large. The Eclipse on March 23 coincide with strong energies of Saturn going Retrograde on March 25. March 23 ends the Eclipse Season that started on October 18, 2013 in the signs of Aries/Libra; Aries/Me, and Libra/Others, are now in-bedded in our psyche and everybody is getting along …? We have now moved into the axis of Virgo/Pisces Eclipse Season, which allows us to show our true nature of Healing and Forgiveness.
With the shift of the Spring Equinox; the promise to bring lighter days, the two powerful Spring Eclipses, and Saturn R, suggest us to practice our ultimate manifestation of compassion, patience and love for those around us.
We also notice that on March 23, Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius, (16 degrees 24′) – an outburst of conscious movement (Jupiter), and issues of Government control (Saturn) will continue, or, rather,  increase to be on the front news. Saturn will station Direct on August 13, (EDT), and he travels in the sign of Gemini in mid-degree of 16 down to 9 … not to worry … Saturn, the God that rules Time will give us the gift of Patience. Thus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are the most affected Zodiacs during this Spring, which will show through challenges, as well as beneficial outcomes of business, goals, friendships and travels.
Chiron, in Pisces, is the ultimate Healer within that brings out the message of unconditional Love of Life! What else is left for you to Heal?
March 23, Aries Lunar Eclipse, 8:01 AM, (EDT)
A Solar Eclipse is followed by a Lunar Eclipse (and vice versa) after 2 ½ weeks of the previous eclipse. The Pisces line-up during this Full Moon Eclipse continue with the addition of Venus, the Love planet which adds to the excitement, or conclusion of what we realize is in need of Healing. The Sun in Aries at 3 degrees naturally opposes the Libra Moon, and Mercury, the God that whisper messages in our ears conjunct the Sun, bringing the notch of messages up a grade … stop and listen!
Make sure to ‘pick your fights’ or avoid them by channel the real problems … and they will be resolved with a discussion rather than an argument! Yes, you can and must stand up for your Rights as a Human Being, but at times … our political or social opinions on Facebook or Twitter is not really noticed by our friends or family!
Go within and you will find your personal answers beneficial for your Self, thus, affecting your direct surrounding in positive and productive ways, and allowing your link with Others become more healthy.
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May Peace Prevail,